Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sam and I went to Cirque De Trinidad last night which is fancy for a show put on my the people in our church who are talented and not too frecked out to get on stage and perform. We had dinner and they had childcare so it was a good few hours kid free to chill. He looks so cute in this pic! The pic above is (from left to right) my sister in law Lori, my friend Kami(she is also an Allen just not related to our family), me, my sister in law April, and my neice Jordan.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sam and I finally saw the movie Fireproof which we kept putting off because we thought it would be too cheesy to withstand, but we loved it. Yes there was some cheesy parts but for the most part it was actually good. We really got a lot out of watching it and have a new outlook on our marriage, love, and the relationship we have as our children's parents. I really think all married and engaged couples should see this movie. Also they have a 40 day "love dare challenge" that you can take, that is just like the challenge Kirk Cameron's character does in the movie. We ordered it today at

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Makaela and I had a girls day out. Saturday the 24th we went to the Galleria Mall and got our nails done together then headed straight over to the American Girl store, which was the main event and the reason we went to dallas. I had high hopes that we would get the 'Julie' doll but Makaela said "ummmm noooo...I want Kitt". I was soooo sad, even though that is ridiculous, but Makaela looks like the Julie doll. LOL!!! Kitt is really we paid the insane price they get for those dolls and headed upstairs to the bistro where, if you dont already know, they have highchairs for your doll and they bring the doll out doll food. CRAZY but adorable!! I kinda felt like those mental people that dress up there dogs and treat them like people...well it seemed kinda the same but I was really excited. We get up there and Makaela says "can we just go home"?. I was sooo sad LOL!!! I thought "my social butterfly wants to go home, she must be sick", sure enough she was. We headed home and she hasn't taken her hands off Kitt since than. She has actually watched the new Kitt Kitreidge movie 4 times in less then 24 hours....I cant take it anymore!!!! I love my girl!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Randa's Thankful For:

My friend Jessica made a list of all the things she is thankful for and I thought it was a great idea and really inspired me to think of everything I'm thankful for. Soooo... I'm stealing her idea...thanks Jess! God has blessed me with sooo much:
JESUS for obvious reasons
Sam for being the husband of the yr 8 yrs running
Brock for being my sweet, calm child
Makaela for bringing life and joy only a little girl can bring into our home
Bryce for being my angel and my perfect lil man who never stops smiling
My Mom and Dad
My Mother-in-law and Father-in-law
My PAWPAW- I'm glad I got to know a man so strong as you!! I miss you!!
All the Mickelson family-my moms side (we have a blast together)
The Turners- my dads side
My Tahoe
My (almost fully built) house
XM Radio
mek jeans
Raspberry cheesecake from Olive Garden
Joyce Meyer
Creflo Dollar
Trinity Church
Carmel Corn
L.A. Fitness
bottled water
My fav TV shows-HOUSE, Prison Break, THE OFFICE
Healthy Kids
Being born an American
Being born a Texan
Italian food
Don Juans in G.P.
My ipod
My phone
Texting-because I cant actually hear to talk to someone on a real phone call thanks to my kids
The Internet
My camera
The Buckle
Panda Express
Stair Masters
My kids teachers- they are sooo good!
My job
handbags- even though I never carry them I enjoy buying them(weird I know!!!)
blond highlights I pay to have in my hair(hehehe)
Mary Kay
Nature's Sunshine supplements
Protein shakes that don't taste like chalk
Laughing till my sides hurt
People I can trust(there's not many of these)
Makinaw Island
Colorado vacations
Free days to sit and read books(haven't had one in 6 yrs but one day I will again)
Memories of my youth-dancing,gymnastics,cheerleading,friends like: Shannon, Lesli, Rachel, Wendy, and Erin. Wow we had FUN FUN FUN!!!!
Disney World

and sooooo much more......

Monday, December 1, 2008

Brocks 6th Birthday!!

Brocks bday actually fell on thanksgiving this year. BROCK IS 6!!! I can't believe I have a 6yr old. We celebrated his bday at both my grandmas house's. my Grandma on my dad's side, who we call Mums, made the amazing hamburger cake for him. He is soooo loved! Then on the following sunday we celebrated with all his cousins on the Allen side of the family. Look at that pic of all those kids...we are so blessed!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our Hawkette!!

My niece Jordan is a Red Oak Hawkette and we went to her game to see her perform and we have the pics as evidence to prove we were there. LOL!! She is really good and it is sooo crazy to think I have been watching her dance for the 9 yrs Ive been around....she is now 14 and that makes he feel old! LOVE HER!!! It was freezing cold that night!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Brocks Kindergarden field trip

Brock had his first fieldtrip to the fort worth zoo last week. He and his friend Hayden are in these pics. The warthog shown above just blew there lil minds, they could not figure out what it was. We finally heard them say "yeah its a donkey" hahahaha! Outta the mouths of babes!!