Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sam and I went to Cirque De Trinidad last night which is fancy for a show put on my the people in our church who are talented and not too frecked out to get on stage and perform. We had dinner and they had childcare so it was a good few hours kid free to chill. He looks so cute in this pic! The pic above is (from left to right) my sister in law Lori, my friend Kami(she is also an Allen just not related to our family), me, my sister in law April, and my neice Jordan.


Linda Darjean said...

love your blog Randa! I will link it on mine! hope you dont mind

pammy said...

I try to look at all of Jen's friends from time to time, but I must say, my adoration goes to your blog with your beautiful children and wonderful family as far as the "normal" life! You and husband look happy and "regular" (and I'm not talking bodily functions) I'm talking marriage normalacy. You look drop dead goreous on the inside as well as the outside and your children are adorable. I'm so PROUD of you Randa Banda!